June 2019: Visit to Thailand Schools

Introducing the Founders of the Tree of Life Foundation:
Randy & Darrell Lovernich

Randy and Darrell Lovernich made their first Thailand school visits in June 2019. 

Randy, Chairman of the foundation, is on the top left and Darrell (Vice-Chair) is on the bottom left, along with the Thai children (holding their gifts of cookies and snacks). 

Don't you LOVE the two little kids next to Randy?

Thai kids giving the peace sign and thumbs up!


Children of Northern Thailand Jungles

Just look at these faces. Without an education, they live in the poorest of conditions.

These kids, listening intently, have HOPE!

They are clean, dressed in their new clothing, and looking forward to every days education. 

These kids seriously value the gift they are being given - food, clothing, books and most importantly an education!