About Tree of Life Foundation, Thailand

Thailand Registration No. ChorBor 8/2562

Thailand Tax Identification No. 0993000412907 

Founders: Randy & Darrell Lovernich

A vision and dream of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Foundation, Randy and Darrell Lovernich with, support and legal guidance from Thailand lawyer and fellow committee member, Supaporn Sara Persson and her entire legal team in Jomtien.

Randy and Darrell Lovernich: USA residents in Las Vegas, Nevada and carry Non-Immigrant - Retirement Visa’s in Thailand. Have been coming to Thailand for 15 years and own a condo in Ekkamai / Sukhumvit Road.

Chairman, Randy Lovernich and Vice Chairman, Darrell Lovernich with the Foundation logo banner on the very 1st donation event at Ban Na Gu School

Thailand Approved Objectives

Thailand approved objectives for The Tree of Life Foundation includes: To promote, assist, support and to donate articles, equipment, tools, books, instructional media, players and to construct libraries for communities, schools in remote rural areas without access to sufficient funds, or those communities determined by the Board of the Foundation. To assist and support impoverished students by providing education funds so as to enhance educational opportunity. To promote and support funds and medical costs to HIV infected patients, or to support hospitals and clinics who admit HIV infected patients. To work or coordinate with charitable organizations for charity purposes and public interest organizations for public interest purposes. To not be involved in any political affairs.  

Core Values

Core Values: We believe a hungry child can not learn properly and that every child has a right to healthy food and a proper education. We believe every child has a right to proper healthcare and sanitary educational and living conditions. We believe every child has a right to read and learn other languages, in particular English, the International language of business.  


Our initial donations included two Northern Thailand hilltribe schools, Ban Na Gu and Ban Mae Maem. These 2 schools are in remote areas approx. 3 hours North of Chiang Mai / Mae Rim / Maetaeng District.  

The donations combined for both schools included: 1,400 books including text books, teachers manuals, casual reading library books, classroom supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, dictionaries, crayons) clothing, shoes, socks, blankets, pillows, dry goods (300 kilos of rice, fish sauce, cooking oil, sugar, MaMa noodles, sardines, cookies) and even a few footballs for fun!  

The two initial donation events were self-funded by Randy and Darrell Lovernich costing 275,000 baht.


Partnership: Extremely fortunate to have been able to partner with the Le Meridien Chiang Mai Hotel for these 2 initial events. Le Meridien Chiang Mai / GM Rajat Chatterjee and his very compassionate staff offered a host of volunteers, photographer, approx. 130 boxed lunches for the students, school staff , Tree of Life Foundation staff and volunteers. Le Meridien Chiang Mai was instrumental with providing hotel meeting room space for the staff meetings, coordination with local vendors and locating hard to find items. Their partnership was crucial to the success of this initial Foundation project.  


Future: Our current plans are to return to these initial 2 schools every 6 months to assess the progress of the students and make adjustments to the donations as needed. The next scheduled visit to Ban Na Gu and Ban Mae Maem School is November 14 and 15. On those 2 dates we will also be delivering additional food supplies and getting estimates to build proper showers for Ban Mae Maem (currently those students bathe in a stream). We will also be obtaining estimates to build more sanitary toilets and estimates to replace deteriorating flooring in one of the classrooms, to bring seeds for their sustainable gardens in which they grow their own vegetables for cooking for the students.  

Other future goals: To research and identify the next schools that we will take under our wing and watchful eye hoping to add 1 additional school each year and create a system in which each of the schools are properly monitored.  

Fund Raising

Fund Raising: With our full list of goals, funding is crucial to the success of The Tree of Life. We are currently working on obtaining corporate assistance with fund raising and looking for future partnerships that also have the same types of core values as our Foundation.