November 2019: Visit to Thailand Schools

Ban Na Ku School, Thailand

Ban Na Ku Children, Randy & Darrell in back!

Do you feel the love brought to these children?

Sent to Randy by the Head Teacher at Ban Na Ku:

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

อันว่าความกรุณาปรานี    จะมีใครบังคับก็หาไม่
หลั่งมาเองเหมือนฝนอันชื่นใจ    จากฟากฟ้าสุราลัยสู่แดนดิน

Lunch at Ban Na Ku

Children from Ban Na Ku - Singing for you!

Donations to Ban Na Ku:

Randy wrote this (via email) and we are sharing with you!

We went out shopping today to the Thai version of Home Depot / HomePro and purchased 7 oscillating fans. 

The driver who drove the hotel staff, told us about a local Thai stationary shop and we got 500 ink pens, 500 pencils and a mountain of notebook paper.

Tomorrow we are getting the 44 pairs of school shoes plus we decided that the children will also get 3 pairs of socks per child.

We saw Executive Chef David today and he has ordered the oversized woks plus cooking oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce and and about 90kg of rice.

Playground Fun!