November 2019: Visit to Thailand Schools

We are back with more donations to Northern Thailand schools!

Ban Na Ku Children, Randy & Darrell in back!

School Visits:

Day one: Ban Mae Maen 

Day two: Ban Mae Ku

VIDEO - Ban Mae Maem School Visit

Do you feel the love brought to these children?

Sent to Randy by the Head Teacher at Ban Na Ku when they heard each child was getting a pair of shoes and socks too! 

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

อันว่าความกรุณาปรานี    จะมีใครบังคับก็หาไม่
หลั่งมาเองเหมือนฝนอันชื่นใจ    จากฟากฟ้าสุราลัยสู่แดนดิน

Lunch at Ban Na Ku

Tree of Life Foundation Team

Children from Ban Na Ku - Singing for you!

Donations to Ban Na Ku:

Our Helpers for the Day!

Food: 200 pounds rice, plus noodles, sardines, sauces for cooking (soy and oyster), cooking oil, and cookies!

55 pairs of school shoes and 2 pairs of socks for each student

7 oscillating fans for one school, generator for the other

2 large woks

300 ink pens, 300 pencils, notebooks and a mountain of notebook paper 

AND lots more! 

More Donations (after they left)

Randy and Darrell recognized the need for more than the schools had asked for.  Fans, woks, shoes and socks for every child... all sent after they had left, but knew they needed to send more. BIG HEARTS! 

VIDEO - Playground Fun!

Update: Students in their new shoes!